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Chip and Denny
Gospel Jubilee
Chip and Denny bring you some of the very best in yesterday and today's Gospel music.
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Current Episodes:
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Sep 24, 2017
  • Bluegrass Gospel
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  • This week on The Gospel Jubilee we will have a repeat of one of our more popular shows featuring Bluegrass Gospel music. This show was originally recorded in November of 2016.
Chip and  Denny
  • Pub Date: Sep 09, 2017
  • Our Tribute
  • Listen:
  • Be sure to join Chip and Denny this week on The Gospel Jubilee as they reflect back on the events of nine-eleven, and as they pay a special tribute to
    the men and women who gave their lives during one of the darkest days in American history. 
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Sep 03, 2017
  • Labor Day Special
  • Listen:
  • It's a special Labor Day edition this week on The Gospel Jubilee with Chip and Denny.  All the songs played will be about working for the Lord and Him
    doing a work in our lives.
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Aug 26, 2017
  • Top 10 For the Month Of August
  • Listen:
  • It’s count down time once again this week on The Gospel Jubilee with Chip and Denny. 
    We will also be drawing the winning name for the three CD's by the Common Bond Quartet.
    In addition to counting down the top 10 Southern Gospel songs for the month of August, we will be playing some of your favorite Southern, Country and Bluegrass artists. Two hours of great Gospel music!
    Go to: http://encouragement.podhoster.com
    and listen anytime online on your PC or smart phone.
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Aug 20, 2017
  • The Common Bond Quartet
  • Listen:
  • The featured artists this week on The Gospel Jubilee will be Common bond Quartet, 2009 - present.
    Tune in also to learn how to participate in the free CD giveaway.  We will be giving away 3 CD's by Common Bond Quartet.
    Immediately prior to their coming together in 2009, Kevin Willis and Rick Melton had been a part of the group ‘One Bond’ - which had been both a trio and
    quartet formed at the First Church of God in Mt. Sterling, KY.
    Bryan Stevenson and Mike Bradshaw had formerly been members of the quartet: ‘Commissioned’ that was a quartet formed in the First Church of God of neighboring
    Winchester, KY.
    In the fall of 2008, both quartets found themselves in a position of being short two members (due to changes in jobs or family responsibilities of their
    respective members) and each group was considering disbanding entirely.
    However, several of the members continued to feel that God had not released them to discontinue singing for Him.
    In early 2009, the four men met together to discuss merging, and in a very short period of time, they each received a conviction and assurance that God
    had, for years been preparing each of them, individually, to the ministry to which He was now calling them.
    After much prayer, and through some unusual events which could only have been attributed to God’s handiwork, the men came to know that the Lord had brought
    them together to sing together, minister to others and ultimately bring glory to Him through their partnership.
    And so, Common Bond Quartet was created.
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Aug 13, 2017
  • Barry Roland and Deliverance
  • Listen:
  • One of the finest groups gracing our churches and concert stages today is Barry Rowland & Deliverance, featuring a sound that is almost revival like, you
    get a sense you’re in an old fashioned revival when they hit the stage.
Chip and Denny
  • Pub Date: Aug 04, 2017
  • All Hymn Edition
  • Listen:
  • It's time again for another special all hymns edition this week on The Gospel Jubilee with Chip and Denny.  Join them as they will be playing many of your
    favorite hymns by many of your favorite Southern Gospel artists.

    It's one of their most requested programs and they have put together another great list of the old time hymns of the church.
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